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B.A. Diana lives parallel incarnations as journalist, broadcaster, librettist, poet, singer, songwriter, Handel-maniac, dramaturg and ‘cook extraordinaire’. A graduate of the School of Paleography and Musical Philology in Cremona, Italy, her book on Britten’s Death in Venice was the first monograph on the English composer published in Italian. After a diploma in performance she moved to London to work on a PhD on Britten’s musical dramatugy, which she eventually finished (so she can now sign as Dr.).

While at London University she studied conducting and singing, taking up the violin in her spare time. She now plays the violin very badly, but well enough to sit at the last desk and catch the odd minim in a Beethoven symphony.

Her production of Andrea Sartorio’s ‘Giulio Cesare in Egitto’ at the Holywell Room in Oxford was well received, and her libretto for John Webb’s ‘The phone call’ (part of the Tête-à-tête production of Six-pack) caused a considerable amount of laughter and had at least one wonderful review.

She has written songs for school-children in Italy, and played Italian and Irish folksongs at the Aldeburgh Fringe Festival, but she is mostly known internationally for her extraordinarily light and tasty gnocchi. Her signature dish is ‘Salmon with asparagus and strawberry’, created as a token of love during an affair which although unhappy produced a very remarkable receipe. She is currently working on a paper on ritual and music theatre to be presented at the second conference on Ritual and the Arts in Copenhagen.

Read her interview.

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